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Computer Based Measurement Solutions

We offer Computer-based Solutions for the following fields:

Data Acquisition, Processing & Analysis
We measure physical quantities like temperatures, voltages, currents, noise, vibration, acceleration, magnetic fields, pressure, force, flow. We specialize in the analysis of signal characteristics.

Process Control and Monitoring
We offer Supervised Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Solutions for process control and monitoring.

Research & Development
Our tools can assist scientists and engineers to simplify and automate their measurement tasks. In many cases, we can help you to get results faster and therefore reduce the time to market.

Test-, Measurement & Inspection Systems
Whether it's for laboratory use and for quality verification during or at the end of your product manufacturing line, there is a good chance that we can help you. Custom solutions can be an effective way to increase the product quality and reduce costs.

Machine Vision & Image Processing
Specialized machinery equipped with digital cameras can be used to capture and analyse particles and verify colour, shape, diameter, radius, response time, and many more parameters.

Call Back Service
If you need a solution quickly, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss your needs to find out if we can offer a quality solution for you. > Call Back Service

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