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Consulting and other Services

We offer expertise and various services to help our clients. In addition, we offer solutions (our own and those of our technology partners) to prevent you from reinventing the wheel. We specialise in the following fields:

Test and Measurement

Specification and design of Test, Measurement, and Data Analysis Systems.

Software Programming (LabVIEW etc.)

We also assist clients in the specification phase to avoid unnecessary costs and find out about which requirements are really needed.

Feasibility Studies

Exploring design options, product evaluations and proof of concept work.

On-Site Customer Training

System Introduction, Product Training and LabVIEW Programming.

Installation and Maintenance Service

For the entire range of our test, measurement and inspection systems.

Underwater Monitoring, Photography and Video Services

We help to document environmental impact, the state of coral reefs or Marine Life and much more. Read more...

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