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Products: Hardware & Software
for Measurement Systems

If you want to build your own measurement system, we can offer you a full range of products. You can choose from:


Data acquisition boards and units (PCI, USB, Firewire, stand-alone microcontroller units)
Sensors and cameras, signal conditioning electronics, cables
Our partners can build test rigs, adapters and mechanics to your specifications

Software (coming soon)

iMeasure - Software Package for Engineers and Scientists
iMeasure UW -Underwater Photo, Video and Signal Analysis

Data Analysis Software

calculates and plots statistical information (e.g. mean, median, max, min, range/peak-peak, RMS, histogram, etc)

advanced analysis (harmonic and distortion analyis, time
series, trends, de-trending, fourier transformation(FFT) with several options to reduce spectral leakage)

signal and pulse classification
various filter options (including FIR and IIR)
report generation capabilities

compatible to all iMeasure Products
compatible to Microsoft Excel
Data Import/Export functions
custom features can be easily integrated

for Windows Operating Systems
Versions for Apple Macintosh, Linux and UNIX on request


for all our hardware products

Custom Software

designed and developed to meet your requirements



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