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Jobs for Engineers and Scientists

We are looking forward to grow our business and we need to expand our team.

Professional Engineers (BA, MA, MSc or Dipl.-Ing.)
Software Engineer LabVIEW / IMAQ Vision / TestStand
Scientists, Researchers, Physicists, Chemists
Professional Sales Manager

Locations: Cairns (Australia) & Wordwide

We prefer to hire staff for our headquarters in Cairns, Australia. We are located in beautiful Tropical North Queensland, Australia - where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Tropical Rainforest.

We also have a strong interest to work with experienced scientists and qualified engineers from anywhere in the world. Many jobs can be completed on a contract basis if you have a broadband internet connection.

If you would like to work for us as a consultant or software developer, please let us know.

General Information

We are committed to grow the iMeasure Team continuously, and therefore we are always looking for talented staff. Let's find out together if your skill set and your personality fits into our team.

At iMeasure we believe that formal education like a Bachelor, Masters Degree, Dipl. Ing., Ph.d or Dr. can be very helpful, but we don't worry too much about degrees.

Most of our staff have university degrees (and we are proud to have them on board!), but for us other qualifications like practical experience and soft skills can be equally important.

If your profiles matches the attributes below, please contact us. If you don't have the skills listed below but you think you have the potential to grow into a position, we would like to hear from you as well.

Required Skills

very good English language skills (additional German language skills would very beneficial, but this is not a requirement)

A high level of motivation (you don't have to be a workaholic, though)

Commitment for continuos education and improvement of processes

Have at least 2 years practical experience in one of the fields listed below.

We are currently specifically looking for:

Professional Engineers (BA, MA, MSc or Dipl.-Ing.)

With a strong background in at least one of these fields: Applied Computer Science and Information Technology, Electrical and Measurement Engineering, SCADA Systems, Control Systems, DSP Algorithms, Robotics, LabVIEW, Matlab, Machine Vision or Image Processing Software.

Software Engineer LabVIEW / IMAQ

We are looking for a Software Engineer with experience in LabVIEW and preferably IMAQ Vision and TestStand. Contract Position or Part-Time Position in Southern Germany / Switzerland.

Softwareentwickler LabVIEW / IMAQ

Softwarentwickler gesucht für den süddeutschen Raum, vorzugsweise Region Bodensee. Erfahrung mit LabVIEW ist unbedingt erforderlich, Erfahrung mit IMAQ Vision und TestStand wäre sehr vorteilhaft.
Einstieg über Projektvertrag für Freelancer oder Anstellung mit Teilzeitvertrag.

Scientists, Researchers, Physicists, Chemists (Masters, Ph.D. or equivalent degree)

These positions require in-depth knowledge of
water-treatment and related measurement systems,
Marine Biology.
An advanced diving certificate such as PADI Divemaster or equivalent certification is also required.

Professional Sales Manager

with at least 5 years experience with Automation-/Test- and Measurement Technology in the Australian Market. An engineering background - e.g. in electrical, computer, mecha-tronics or a similar field - is essential.

We would like to hear from you! Please send us your resume or CV with a summary of "why you think you could be beneficial for our business" to:

Don't worry about the format: Please include a description of your practical work experience, your theoretical background and the salary (or hourly rate for contractors) you expect.

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