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Welcome to iMeasure!

We specialize in software development for measuring signals and analysing data. We interface sensors, cameras, and many other devices with computers. We offer advice, consulting, system integration and turn-key solutions.

Areas of Expertise
LabVIEW Software Development
Measurement Hardware & Technology
Quality Monitoring & Product Testing
Underwater Photo/Video/Monitoring
Custom-made Solutions

Industry Experience
Automotive Quality Inspection Systems
Machine Vision & Image Processing Solutions
Automated Tests for Electronic Manufacturing
Software for Dataloggers (for cars and trains)
Magnetic, Acoustic & Vibration Measurements
Research & Development custom Applications

Why iMeasure?
Because we are small enough to care a lot. Every customer is important to us. We measure our own success mainly by the satisfaction and success of our clients.

We work on innovations in measurement technology to reduce costs, improve product quality and increase a number of other benefits.

We offer unconventional market research and vendor independent information for clients who are interested in purchasing 3rd party products.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you might have.


Consulting  Services
Are you about to design or buy a new measurement system? Our Consultants offer vendor independent information and can help you to save money, avoid pitfalls and reduce the time to market. Read more...
Electronic Eyes on the Great Barrier Reef
We offer underwater digital imaging and measurement services specifically for Scientists, Researchers and Engineers. Read more...
Contact Us
If you would like to discuss your application needs with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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